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Oolong Tea Weight Loss Understand Why It Works

by Sally Danfurwick

The Oolong tea weight loss system has been found to have some of the greatest concentrations of polyphenols. The polyphenols which occur naturally in the plant these tea leaves come from are known to activate enzymes which break down the fat and carbohydrates that enter our bodies. This is one of the reasons that the Oolong tea weight loss system works so well.

The leaves picked for Oolong tea are treated differently than other tea leaves, even if they come from the same plant. These leaves are kept in carefully controlled conditions and where they are allowed to oxidize, they are not broken up as other tea leaves are. This leaves the cell structure intact which makes this tea more potent.

Not many people are aware of the studies done on Oolong tea weight loss product and the benefits to your health that were discovered. Most people just use this tea for the weight loss associated with it. Some of the health benefits are shown below.

People in China have been using tea for its medicinal properties for hundred of years. In one study men who drank one cup of Oolong tea a week for six months showed a reduced risk for pancreatic, colon and rectal cancer.

Another study done in 2001 compared Oolong Tea consumption between stomach cancer patients, colonic gastritis, and stomach disease. The findings showed that the people who drank one to three cups of tea a day had a 30% lower rate of stomach cancer and people who drank more than three cups a day had a 61% lower rate of cancer. This was report in the International Journal of Cancer.

Over a ten year period in Japan women with a history of breast cancer were part of a study where some drank 5 cups of the oolong tea weight loss product and some did not. The women who drank the tea were 50% less likely to have a recurrence.

Studies done at the Karolinska Institue in Stockholm showed that one of the components of Oolong tea called EGCG for short had prevented the growth of new blood vessels to malignant tumors. This is a significant finding because malignant tumors need blood vessels to grow. You just can't deny finding like that. Do not confuse this tea with the popular ballerina tea, they are made from two different plants.

The Oolong tea weight loss product has been sold as just that, a weight loss product but as you can see it has many other benefits.

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