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Meal Guidelines for Diabetics

Do you need to cook healthy meals for yourself or for another family member who is suffering from diabetes? You might think your choices for delicious food will be severely limited because of diabetes dietary restrictions, but there are lots of tasty meals that can be made with a diabetic in mind.

For diabetic recipes you need to make sure that the meals contain vegetables, fruits, and starches, but avoid simple sugars. Diabetics have a great need to eat healthy foods to maintain their blood sugar levels. They also need to keep watch over how much they weigh.  

 If you cook healthy meals, that will lower your risk of heart disease as well.  Heart disease is one of the health issues to watch out for when you or a loved one suffer from diabetes.

  Here are a few simple tips to make the meals you serve safe for diabetics.

Substitute vegetable oil spray for oil, butter, or shortening in your recipe.

When shopping for meats, pick the lean cuts instead of ones marbled with fat. Sirloin steaks have low fat content and for that reason they are are recommended for diabetics.

Instead of frying your meats, try broiling, roasting, or even stir-frying them.

Take the skin off of chicken or turkey before cooking these poultry meats. The turkey and chicken will taste just fine and you'll be eliminating a lot of harmful fat when you serve them to your diabetic family member, friend or even to yourself.

Don't serve vegetables or fish with butter. Instead garnish them with a slice of lemon or lime. That's a way of eliminating excess fat from those particular dishes.

When you serve cereal, use skim or lowfat milk. If you serve regular milk, you'll be serving a lot of extra fat at breakfast and diabetics shouldn't have high fat meals.

Use canola or olive oil instead of vegetable oil. These oils are a lot healthier for you. For your nutrient-filled carbohydrates, choose whole grain cereals and bread and eat them on a regular basis instead of carbohydrates that aren't that healthy for diabetics.

Remember these basic guidelines when cooking meals for diabetics. Once you get used to cooking for a diabetic, you'll find that there are many delicious choices for meals. If you need specific recipes for diabetics, the internet is a great place to search.

With so many foods and recipes that you can use to feed diabetics, you'll soon have a collection of yummy meals to serve.