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How To Build Big Bicep Triceps Muscles With One Training Session

by Rob Maraby

So you want big arms. Arms which can be both massive and defined. You would like both the triceps and biceps to get developed. In fact you know that the triceps make up some two thirds of the mass of the arms. And also the biceps give the arms that important peaked and defined look. However the question is how can we target the bicep triceps with one workout?And why would you want to do this?

You need to train the biceps and triceps together since it lets you do less volume of training together with permits you to apply more intensity; intensity is what makes your muscles grow bigger. So in the following paragraphs I am going to provide you with an easy biceps triceps workout that gives you the big massive arms you so much want.

You require two exercises. The standing bicep curl as well as the close grip bench presses.This is one way to perform the standing bicep curl.

You need to use weight that is about 90 percent of one's maximum repetition. This implies if you're able to curl 100 pounds, you need to lift Ninety pounds of weight on the standing bicep curl.You'll execute one repetition with full energy, this implies full contraction and full stretch. When you find yourself doing that particular rep you will rest 10 seconds and carry out another repetition. You training until you still cannot lift the weight. Normally you may be acquiring about six and eight repetitions with this weight.

When you are done. Rest two minutes and then make yourself over to a bench press machine. Again you want to put in place a weight that gives you just 1 repetition. You do this repetition with total contraction and stretch as I described above. You carry out as many repetitions as you can each repetition with a 10 second rest period.

You'll get eight to ten repetitions with this exercise.

This is certainly one simple biceps triceps workout. Done correctly you need just one workout per week

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