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Home Acne Treatment
Can Help Your Pimples Heal!

Investigating Home Acne Treatments That Have Proven Effective

Acne is a very troublesome skin condition that affects millions of people of all ages each year. While people that do not have this condition do not understand why acne is such a devastating condition,  the people that must live with it day after day understand the demeaning effects that it has on their lives.


Many people find themselves exploring numerous over-the-counter and home treatments for acne for many, many years before discovering relief. Then, there are many that have yet to discover the treatment method that will soothe the symptoms of their skin condition. This can be a very disheartening experience. Here, we will investigate home acne treatments that have proven effective for many individuals.

When acne home solutions, home treatments for acne scars, and similar remedies, it is important to consider some basic information regarding this demoralizing condition. The first thing that you should understand is that each case of acne is just as unique as the person that has it. There are many different levels of severity, as well as many different types of acne. A person may have a mild form of acne, a severe case of acne, or the acne may exceed “severe” to the point in which it is actually disfiguring. There are many different types of acne, and the following names some of the examples of this:

• Acne Rosacea
• Acne Vulgaris
• Acne Conglobata
• Pyoderma Faciale

Acne results from many different situations. While there is still much to be learned concerning this unnerving skin condition, medical professionals in the field of dermatology have concluded the following in regards to possible outbreaks:

• Blocked Pores
• Trapped Oil in Pores
• Rosacea
• Unnaturally Dry Skin
• Stress
• Diet
• Lack of Exercise
• Various Medical Conditions
• Side Effect of Various Medicines and/or Medical Treatments
• Hormones
• Exposure to Various Irritants

Once you have a good understanding of acne, and the overall facts surrounding this condition, it is relatively simple to investigate home acne treatments that have proven effective. Now, we will move on to those….

The first home acne treatment that seems to be promising to sufferers everywhere is the simple routine of cleaning the skin. Many people suggest that cleaning the skin with alcohol and peroxide is effective, however, these substances often dry out the skin and completely eliminate some of the essential oils in the skin that are required in the healing process.

 If you are unsure of what types of products to use on your skin, it is important that you contact a licensed dermatologist for this information. They will be able to provide you with a suggestion based on the type of skin that you have, and the severity of your condition.

The second effective home acne treatment is to avoid touching areas on the skin that are infected with dirty hands. Additionally, you should avoid scratching and picking at the infected areas. This will only result in the infection spreading throughout various areas of the body and may even leave acne scarring as well.

The third home acne treatment that has been proven to be effective is only applying items to the skin that are considered “non-comedigenic”. This will ensure that the acne infection that you have does not get worse.

The fourth acne home treatment that is effective is to ensure that you get plenty of fluids. By drinking fluids, it helps to keep the body properly hydrated and clear of dangerous toxins that may result in acne break outs. Furthermore, it will help to keep essential oils balanced in the skin.