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Henna Tattoos - Simple Ways Of Removal

by Antoinette R. Wallace

Tattoos could be the in thing but they're not for everyone, hence the growing popularity of unconventional types like henna tattoo. These are neither very painful to get, nor do they stick to you for your life. If you think you are done with a tattoo, you can dispose of it. Generally the tattoo fades away on its own after sometime but you could need to be shot of it early. Follow the below tips, if such is your need.

One of the most simple measures that can help you remove a henna tattoo is cleaning. For this you can use lots use of plenty of scrubs that are usually available in the nearby market. Exercise caution while you choose a scrub. This is because choosing a very tough scrub can prove very harsh for your skin. So it is recommended to make your own scrub to avoid such unfavourable effects. One nice option for you is to mix some milk and gram flour together. Simply rub it over the henna tattooed area. You'll see noticeable difference in your henna tattoo.

Henna tattoos are good if you don't want it to last for the rest of your life. A henna tattoo can be removed.
Olive oil also does marvelous things to speed up the fading of the tattoo. All you need to do is apply olive oil on the given area. Ensure that you dab the oil unreservedly. You might also use any other natural oils because of this. Leave on the oil for a pair of hours and then wash off thoroughly.

Yet one more sure shot solution for removal of a henna tattoo is a hot water bath. All you need to do is to submerge the tattooed area in hot water. Keep it still for some time as per your convenience. However, if you want instant results, it is advisable to soak for a span not less than 20-25 minutes. You can fasten the method by adding some exfoliating mitt and some sea salt into the hot water.

You can remove a henna tattoo with olive oil. Leave it on for several hours before removing the oil.
If you are looking for a dry solution, you may consider rough skin removers. Simply rub the skin remover over your skin and your tattoo will be history. Again, there are numerous options in the marketplace for coarse skin removers. Pumice stone and sandpaper are the best decisions in this situation. You've got to be careful that coarse skin removers are well, rough and should not be used on delicate parts of skin.

For those who are in the search of a perfectly natural way to get rid of henna tattoo and are not shocked of some heavy lifting [ both literally and figuratively ], sweating it away is the choicest option. What easier way to sweat than to get in the fitness center and pump some heavy iron. This may not be for everybody but if you have it in you, this is the way to go. If it is sunlight out there, a long walk in the skin will make you sweat enough, and you get a tan to boot.

Henna tattoos can be removed by gently scrubbing them consistently over a period of time. But don't use a rough scrub or it might hurt your skin.
So what are you waiting for? Simply utilize the above debated tips and rest assures that you henna tattoo will disappear in no time and you are all set to a sport a new one soon.

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