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Hemorrhoids: Prevention and Relief Tips

The subject of hemorrhoids is not very pleasant, but a surprising number of people suffer from them. 

 Hemorrhoid is the name of the condition when a vein in the rectum or anus becomes enlarged or twisted.

There are a number of reasons why hemorrhoids develop. Suffering from ongoing constipation, getting older, becoming obese, being pregnant are some of the reasons why hemorrhoids develop.

Hemorrhoids can be very mild or severe with accompanying bleeding.

 Hemorrhoids can be outside of the body or inside of it. If a hemorrhoid bleeds, that's a severe case. Hemorrhoids can go away without any treatment at all whether they are internal or external if they are minor hemorrhoids. But the more serious kind of hemorrhoids will require a doctor's care. Hemorrhoids can become complicated when blood clots form in them and that also requires a doctor's supervision.

What should you do if you have hemorrhoids?

Be sure to add plenty of fiber to your diet so that you don't become constipated. You could be the cause of your own discomfort from hemorrhoids in a number of ways. For example, if you don't get enough fiber in your diet, unwelcome hemorrhoids can form. You need enough fiber in your intestines to pass the food along its way and then out. So be sure to include enough fiber in your diet. You can find fiber in bran and in vegetables and fruit.

You also need to be sure you drink lots of water or you'll get plugged up. And being plugged up can result in the production of hemorrhoids. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Be on your guard against straining when you are having a bowel movement because that can cause hemorrhoids. Be drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and other sources of fiber.

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If you're constantly sitting and don't get enough exercise, you're putting pressure on the veins that can become hemorrhoids. If you have a sedentary job, make sure you get up from time to time and walk around.

During breaks take a brisk walk outside as possible and exercise when you get home. Being active physically can help you to avoid becoming constipated and perhaps developing hemorrhoids.

If your hemorrhoid becomes inflamed and swollen, you can use an ice pack on it.

The suggestions in this article can help you to avoid hemorrhoids if you don't have them yet. These suggestions can also alleviate some of the misery associated with hemorrhoids if you already have them.