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Guidelines For A Diet To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

by Ingrid Palmer

Don't go into a state of shock if your doctor diagnoses you with high cholesterol. This is indeed a dangerous condition, but the good news is that it can be controlled. You can embark on a moderate exercise program (walking, swimming or cycling are good options) and you can follow a diet to lower cholesterol naturally.

Something that should form part of every anti-cholesterol diet is oatmeal. It contains large amounts of beta-glucan (a soluble fiber that absorbs cholesterol in a similar way that a sponge absorbs water. You can enjoy this as a cereal in the mornings. You can also add oatmeal to muffins and breads.

Almonds should not be neglected when drawing up your eating plan to fight cholesterol. They're high in antioxidant content and will stifle the production of LDL in the body (the bad kind of cholesterol that will in the end cause you to have a stroke or heart attack.) They're very tasty when eaten with yoghurts. Almond butter is also a delicious substitute for normal butter.

Flax seeds should also form part of your anti-cholesterol arsenal. They contain soluble fibers and lignan which help to inhibit the production of LDL and assist the body to get rid of bad cholesterol.

Garlic should under no circumstances be excluded from your diet if you suffer from high cholesterol levels. It inhibits the liver's capability to produce LDL cholesterol. The ways in which garlic can be used in dishes are plentiful: it can be added to soups and sauces, it can be served over pizzas and baked potatoes and mashes potato with garlic is a true delicacy.

Eat foods that are rich in Phytosterol. These include fruits, nuts, vegetable oil and seeds. Granola bars, margarine and cheese are also good sources of Phytosterol ' if taken in moderation.

A balanced diet can go a long way address your cholesterol problems. Any diet to lower cholesterol should however be part of a cholesterol-reducing lifestyle change that includes sufficient exercise.

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