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Did You Know That Bilberry Can Help Stop Your Bruising Easily?

by Jan Doan

Once you decide that you are ready to overcome your easy bruising, it is the right time to consider how bilberries or bilberry supplements may be beneficial for you. You need to ask the question what makes bilberry different from other bruise treatments, and can it really provide help for your easy bruising?

You shouldn't ever start a treatment program until you are fully aware of how it is going to get you the results that you desire, and how it may affect your body. Although lots of people have heard something about bilberry, they have no real idea of what it is going to do for them. Do you have any idea what a bilberry is?

The term bilberry bushes is derived from several different types of bushes that produce dark berries located in mountainous areas of places that include Russia, Siberia, and the UK. Because of their growing areas, bilberries are difficult to harvest, and to purchase a full bag of whole bilberries would be very expensive. Supplements of bilberries can provide the same benefits as whole bilberries at a greatly reduced cost.

Bilberry, unlike most other fruits, is noted for its ability to help prevent bruising, but, like some other fruits, it also helps promote overall good health. Bilberry has been most noted for its beneficial value to the circulatory system. Generally speaking, bilberry helps strengthen the walls of your capillaries and veins. Since bruises form because blood has seeped out of broken capillaries into the surrounding tissues, strengthening the walls of your capillaries will reduce the amount of bruising that you suffer.

Anthocyanoside is a flavonoid found in bilberry which promotes accelerated healing. Anthocyanoside is a substance that is most commonly found in fruits that have dark skins, including bilberry, and these fruits help provide your body with antioxidants. Antioxidants remove free radicals from your body which helps keep your body healthy. Laboratory research has showed that anthocyanoside can help heal your body quicker after an accident or suffering some sort of trauma. There are numerous sources that recommend combining your bilberry with vitamin C and vitamin K for promoting more effective healing.

If you are of the many people who are interested in determining a way to get your bruises to heal faster, you can rest assured that you are not alone in your quest. As we age, our skin is not as elastic and protective as it once was, and when you combine that with weaker capillary walls, bruising becomes considerably more likely.

Bilberries are certainly a great addition to your diet to help you to reduce bruising easily, but you should consider following a complete daily supplement program like Bruises Be Banned, which contains bilberry and several other important, natural ingredients that may prove to be your means to prevent bruising altogether.

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