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Could The Fact That I'm Bruising Easily Be A Symptom of Anemia?

by Jan Doan

Have you begun to notice far too many bruises seemingly every time you glance down? If you are discovering new bruises constantly, you've got to be wondering what's happening concerning your body. Easy bruising can be a symptom for a number of diseases or conditions, and anemia sits right near the top of that list.

How does anemia relate to easy bruising, and does easy bruising always mean that you need to look at anemia? What exactly is going on? All of these questions can be answered, but first start by getting to know some basic information about the issue.

Understanding the relationship between anemia and bruising will require you to first learn about anemia. Having a low number of red blood cells in your body could well be considered the general definition for anemia. This general definition means that you have hemoglobin levels lower than the generally accepted ideal, which, in turn, means that your body is transmitting less oxygen from your lungs to your body then what is needed by the individual cells. Our cells must have sufficient oxygen to perform at optimum levels, and there are a variety of problems that can present themselves if the cells are not getting the oxygen that they require.

Be aware of the fact that there are three different types of anemia. The first is defined by excessive destruction of blood cells, the second by a deficit in red blood cell production, and the third by excessive blood loss. Some of the different forms of anemia include sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, and also anemia that comes as as secondary form of illness with other medical conditions.

Anemia can have a wide range of symptoms, and depending on the severity of the condition and the health of the person who is suffering from it, it can manifest in a number of different ways.

When you consider the relationships between anemia and easy bruising, be aware that the two conditions are not always linked. Anemia causes a reduction in the number of platelets contained in your body, and if you are deficient in the healing properties provided by platelets, easy bruising will be a natural result of anemia. Other symptoms of anemia will be present along with bruising easily. Muddled thinking, a rapid heart beat, diarrhea, and weight loss are all common symptoms, along with chest pains and pale skin which are also symptoms that you might expect to observe in someone suffering from anemia.

You should never hesitate to speak with your doctor if you are still concerned that your easy bruising is actually a symptom of anemia. The possibility of contracting anemia should never be taken lightly, so be sure to assess all of your options.

Remember that easy bruising also happens because our bodies simply become more frail, and less good at healing themselves. If you realize that your bruising is happening simply because of age, look into following the daily Bruises Be Banned supplement program. This unique supplement formulation, which is completely natural and made for this purpose, can help you reduce bruising or even stop you from bruising entirely.

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