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Can Bruxism Be Cured?

by Sally Gertort

If you have bruxism, you also want to stop grinding your teeth as soon as possible since it can be very damaging to your teeth.
People who have bruxism want to figure out how to stop grinding their teeth. Teeth grinding at night doesn't seem too serious at first look but it is one of those things over time can do some serious damage. Everyone wants to have healthy teeth and if you suffer from bruxism and don't do anything about it for 30 years, some real problems can develop.

One of the things that makes night time teeth grinding so difficult to stop is that it is done in your sleep. If you are not aware that you are doing it how do go about stopping it? People who grind their teeth during the night are faced with this special challenge of finding a cure for a bad habit that they cannot even be aware they are doing.

If you do have bruxism,your dentist will most likely be the one to tell you because he will see the signs of grinding on the surface of your teeth. Most likely, your dentist will then recommend you get a custom mouth guard that will minimize the damage. Unfortunately, this type of mouth guard will not cure your bruxism but will only lessen the damage that is done to your teeth at night. Aslo, any custom made mouth guard your dentist will want to fit you for will usually cost between $500 to $1000.

It's hard to find a way to stop grinding your teeth while you are sleeping, since you are not even aware that you are doing it.
Another way to attack the problem is to try to find a natural cure. Unfortunately, there is no one one cure for all people as there is no one reason why people grind their teeth. Finding a cure can be difficult because everyone who grinds his or her teeth may do it for a different reason. Those reasons may include stress, teeth that are misaligned, or some other unknown reason. It may be difficult ot identify what is specifically causing your bruxism and it could take quite a while to figure out.

This leaves you with a predicament: do you go with the mouth guard to stop the damage or do you try to find a real remedy or cure to your bruxism? Finding a solution may be an individual thing with every person having a slightly different reason for the bad habit. Whether you ultimately decide on a
You may want to choose a mouth guard to protect your teeth.
mouth guard or try to fix the problem naturally, it is best that you get started right away to minimize the damage to your teeth.

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