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Can Acne Scars Be Improved?

Can acne scars be improved? That's a crucial question to consider if you suffer from acne scars.As bad as it is to suffer from severe acne, it's even worse having a skin left with deep pits and crevices as a reminder of your acne days in the past.

But if you're asking, "Can acne scars be improved?", the answer is "yes." So be sure to investigate scar removal acne.


There are different kinds of acne scars. Some scars are like pits, others are more like craters, and the color of the skin can change too in various places due to severe acne.

However, there is good news today in the field of acne scar removal. So it's encouraging to remember that the answer to the question, "can acne scars be improved?," is yes. That's because how to get rid of acne scars has received considerable attention these days. So now there's available to you a number of methods that are highly effective in removing acne scars.

The newest and probably most effective method of getting rid of acne scars is called laser resurfacing. With this method the top layer of skin is actually vaporized. The doctor aims the laser beam at a certain point at the top layer of skin only. The skin heals and then you've got a new layer of skin under the scarred one. This method seems to be the most popular one at the present time because of its superior results.


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Even though laser skin resurfacing is the most popular method of dealing with acne scars, there are older methods that are also effective.

A less expensive alternative to laser skin resurfacing is dermabrasion. Like laser skin resurfacing, it also removes the top layer of skin. However, it uses a machine to remove the skin, so it's not as effective. A wire brush that rotates or a diamond burr that spins is what's used to make the skin smoother. During healing the old skin is replaced by a new layer, and this results in your skin looking a lot better. It can make the skin red though and this redness may not go away for quite awhile. It also may take around three weeks for the outer layer of skin to heal.

Another technique that removes the top layer of the skin is the chemical peel method. But this time chemicals are used to get rid of the scarred top layer of skin instead of a laser or machine. It has the advantage of being less expensive than either dermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing.

Injections are another popular method for removing acne scars. They do have to be repeated often though. The injection method doesn't actually remove the scars, it just fills them up temporarily. So this method is an ongoing process.

For drastic cases of acne scarring, skin grafting can be done -- but usually in a hospital setting. This is known as the excision method. The tool used looks like a small cookie-cutter that's round in shape. The doctor simply chooses the right size of punch to match the scar on your face. A piece of skin is removed and the edges are sewn back together.

If someone's acne scars are not quite so obvious, there are creams with Retin-A in them that may be used.

For your own sake try to avoid getting acne scars in the first place by keeping your hands off of your face. Also make sure you eat healthy foods and get enough exercise and sleep.

Are you tired of living with your acne scars? Consider asking your doctor which of these acne removing methods is best for you.

The good news that answers this question, "Can Acne Scars Be Improved?", is yes.