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Breast Reconstruction Pros and Cons You Need to Consider before Surgery

Breast cancer is a terrifying disease especially since it often involves surgery which can be disfiguring. A radical mastectomy can drastically affect your body which can be traumatic both physically and emotionally.However, if you are facing a radical mastectomy or have had one, you may also opt to have breast reconstruction surgery.

                 If you want to have this procedure done, you need to weigh the pros and cons before going under the knife. Since there is really no rush to have breast reconstruction done, you have time to weigh your options.


First let's think about the pros of having this procedure done. Here is a short list of possible benefits:

1. If the surgery is successful, you may look a lot better after having breast reconstruction.

2. If the surgery is successful, you may feel more comfortable with your body after the operation.

3. You may spend the rest of your life feeling more normal than if you didn't have breast reconstruction done.

Now let's take a good look at some of the possible cons to having breast reconstruction done:

1. Your new reconstructed breast will never feel like it originally did.

2. There are dangers inherent in any surgical procedure, such as the possibility of suffering from infection.

3. There is the distinct possibility that you won't he happy with how you look after you've had the surgery done.

4. There will be scars in the area of the surgery and in the area where your surgeon took fat and muscles to make your new breast.

5. You may be very unhappy with what becomes of the donor site on your body and whatever results on these parts of your body may be permanent.

6. You may be expecting to have just one surgery performed when you have your breast reconstructed, but more than one surgery may be required.

7. You may suffer from severe buyer's remorse after your breast reconstruction surgery, but it will be too late.

Will breast reconstruction be worthwhile for you to undergo? Will the benefits outweigh the possible negative results?

Now you've read about some of the pros and cons that you need to think about before going under the knife. Think about your choice very carefully before you decide what to do.The results of your decision will probably affect you for the rest of your life.