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Best Herbs for Acne

How to Fight Acne with Herbs

You should be aware of the best herbs for acne since acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people around the world.

. . . Acne natural cures should be thoroughly investigated. . .


Mild or severe, acne can affect more than the skin, it can cause the sufferer to become self-conscience, and in extreme cases, it can cause the person to become withdrawn and a shut in.

There are hundreds of products on the market today to treat acne. Creams, lotions, cleansers, and scrubs are all designed to treat acne. The problem is that many of them contain harsh chemicals that can damage the healthy skin that surrounds the acne.

It is important to state that there is no cure for acne. There are a lot of treatments for acne; one that is gaining popularity is herbal medication for acne.

In many parts of the world, China being the most recognized, herbs are used as treatment for almost everything, including acne herbal medicine.

Certain herbs have medicinal properties, and when they are ground and made into a paste, it can be used as a mask for the skin, cleaning it and drawing out the bacteria and toxins in your body that can cause acne.

Acne herbal medicine can be found in health and nutrition stores across the country. It is a natural alternative to the harsh treatments that are available today. Many people who suffer from acne have tried herbal treatments and have found them to be very effective.

It is important to consult your physician or dermatologist before you start any new medications. He or she will advise you of any side effect that herbal remedies can have. Generally, there are none because the herbs are all natural.

When you look at the ingredients in herbal acne medication, you may find that it contains eucalyptus oil or witch hazel. These are natural astringents that can clean the pores of the skin that become clogged and form acne.

You may also find that the herbal acne remedy contains papaya enzyme which is a natural exfoliate that can get rid of dead skin cells that can clog pores. Papaya enzyme can also improve your skin tone, giving you smooth skin.

Another herb that is excellent as an herbal acne treatment is sage. This is because sage has anti-fungal, bacterial, and viral properties that cleanse the skin. This is what makes it an incredible acne treatment. Another herb that has antibacterial properties is Tea Tree Oil. It also has antiseptic properties that can cleanse the skin and dry out existing acne much like peroxide only less harsh.

Herbal acne remedies are a natural alternative to the chemical acne treatments that are available today. Using these herbal acne treatments will not cure your acne, it will however, reduce the amount of outbreaks that you suffer.